BWxD 2019

Noise disrupts dominant wavelengths.

While this disturbance is often considered negative, we have chosen Noise as this year’s theme as an opportunity to embrace imperfection while challenging distortion. Through auditory, visual and physical forms of noise, we consider how design and social practices can create major shock waves that disrupt traditional methods and generate new ideas.

Muffled noises to the foreground.

Our goal is to generate discussion around the creation of noise, in all its different forms, and to ask how muffled noises can be brought to the foreground through interdisciplinary and collaborative problemsolving. We hope to explore practices that challenge and disrupt traditional conventions, amplify historically underrepresented voices, and draw attention to personal, local and global inequalities. To drive our exploration, we bring together a diverse community of designers, activists, artists, musicians, and scientists.


Barbara London

Museum of Modern Art

Danny Chapman

Ad Hoc

Karen Krolak

Dictionary of Negative Space

Deroy Peraza


Irene Alvarado

Google Creative Lab

Alex Chen

Web Accessibility Designer

Kevin Yoo


Clare Stanton


Anastasia Aizman


Matthew Battles


Molly Surno

Art Director | Elsewhere Brooklyn

Dhairya Pujara


More speakers to come! Stay tuned.