BWxD 2017 Theme Launch

In 2008, Sharon Langevin (Brown ’09), Steve Daniels (Brown ’09), Tino Chow (RISD ’09) and Mike Eng (RISD ’09) founded Better World by Design to merge their fields and solve social problems from a holistic perspective.

This is Better World’s 10th year in action. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we decided to give you a different kind of conference. This year, we want to break the mold and reflect upon our history and common future.

Each year, we empower attendees from across the nation and around the world with tools to fulfill their visions of an innovative, sustainable, and socially just future. This year, we want to take it up a notch.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, our 2017 conference theme is Blocks, Bytes, and Bars. Through the study of symbols, our presenters will discuss alternative methods of the design process.

Our first symbol, Blocks, are solid and foundational. They represent tradition, order, and deliberate construction. Design is built upon blocks: fundamental principles developed throughout history that govern aesthetics and the practices that create them.

Bytes are units of information with no defined size or place, the small details that may not be seen in the final product, but are nevertheless integral to the result.

Bars represent the abstract codes to which designers hold themselves and fellow creatives. They symbolize design’s future course, and the barriers that designers seek to challenge.

What the blocks, bytes, and bars in your work? What details drive you mad? What barriers will you break?

Our 10th anniversary conference will provide a fresh lens and innovative platform upon which new stories, understandings and connections will emerge. We’ll celebrate all you’ve accomplished, and look forward to everything you have in store.

We invite you to join us in Providence on September 21-24 to engage with 1,000+ innovators for a weekend of inspiration, discussion, and fantastic local food and drink. Grab your tickets here.